Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mimi and Granddaddy's Visit So Far!

It's Wed. and I'm just now posting some pictures from my folks visit so far. Here are the events in chronological order!
I picked my folks up at the airport Friday evening. We grabbed fish n' chips and headed to James' softball games. It was chilly and we had to wrap Wendy in my dad's large t-shirt, but it was so fun. Got to chat with friends Theresa, Shaunna and Sarah. It was a great way to kick off their visit! Saturday we went on a lunch cruise down the Willamette River. That night we went to Officer's Row and ate at the Historic Reserve Restaurant. Wendy learned how to step on and off the step without "crawling it," and she was so proud of herself! Sunday was church, lunch at El Presedente and a bbq at our house with friends Mike, Luz and dtr. Elizabeth Mabel. I'll attach those pictures in a different post above this one. My dad's taken tons of really good pictures with his fancier camera, so I'll have to get those too! Let's see, okay so Monday we ...I can't remember but I know I made a chicken dinner! Yesterday we went to the OMSI and I made spaghetti. Check out a few extra special shots in the post to follow (which will be above this one.)

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Julie said...

How fun! Looks like you're having a seeing your pics :)

What kind of camera did you get, Mr. D?