Saturday, April 18, 2009

"We're having a baby, my babies and me!"

I took a test today and got a faint positive. It was from The Dollar Tree. So, I doubted it. As James and Wendy napped, I took the "what if?" drive to Walmart and got a different test. Took it and got a faint second line. Wanted the "clear blue" answer, so drove to Fred Meyer and got the digital mom of all pregnancy tests, followed the instructions, set it down on this blue piece of paper, and waited as the hour glass blinked digitally. Finally....My Clear Blue Answer:

Wendy, checking it for herself:

I told her, "You're getting a baby brother or sister for Christmas," and she said, "Is Santa gonna come there TOO?!"


Adam and Andrew said...

Yay!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Penny said...

I think Wendy was worried it was an "instead of" Santa Claus coming for Christmas scenario! Ha!

Dad and I are so happy and excited and so is Grandmother!

Kari said...