Saturday, May 02, 2009


Wendy and Jo Jo, our neighbor, hugging the street light and looking like little angels...

The eyes have it...
Wendy and Jack in his zoom-zoom!

Wendy and Hayden's last meal together before Hayden and her family moved to Virginia the next day. We will miss our friends, but we'll keep in touch and hopefully meet up again and again, many more times, in life!

Our yard in Spring!
James catching a bubble at the March of Dimes walk.
What our little girl looked like when we had to get her up early for it!
When James has late night Bible study, I take this one out for a date!
We like Rib City Grill!


katie said...

Great job on the pics chick! Couldn't have done better myself!

Sean and Stephanie said...

Your yard looks great! Wendy's curly locks are cuuute!

Hope you start feeling better soon!