Monday, August 10, 2009

It's a....!

Well, I woke up this morning feeling so excited about what would take place at 4 pm----our big 20-week ultrasound! And da-da-DA! It's a BOY!!! And everything looks great, praise God! His name will be Lincoln James, Linc for short. I cried happy tears, and our tech did, too. She had zoomed in on it and asked if we had a guess, and I knew right away and blurted it out! I couldn't be more tickled, however, I am in a great deal of physical pain. I was diagnosed, TODAY, with a severe kidney infection. On antibiotics and Vicodin. Please pray I get over this soon. So miserable. But, I'm blessed to be having a healthy boy! Below are more pics, and check out the one of his EYEBALL!!!

Here is his "turtle" in between his legs. It took me no time to discern.


Adam and Andrew said...

Congratulations!! Love the name!

Penny said...

Daddy and I are excited! He couldn't be named after a more beloved historical figure, a leader who represented such truth and honor during his service to our country!

Curious to know Wendy's reaction...I know she kept saying that the baby was "Joseph"! Walker wanted us to name YOU "Julius"! ???


The Jasters said...

Congratulations! Boys are a blast. . .busy, but a blast! We are so excited for you guys. Love the name as well!

Sean and Stephanie said...

BOY, OH BOY!!!!!!

AKat said...

A boy, oh, boy! I LOVE the name, too. Lincoln Tanneberger sounds so dignified!