Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Some Pics

In an effort to sort of catch up on my blog before we leave Thursday for Texas, here are some images of "the life of Wendy." Wendy likes to set up her table tops with all of her toys and "have a party!" Also, she loves her Lukesie! Here they are swimming together at Firstenburg! Then, there are a couple pics of her at her very first movie at the theater! I took her on a very hot day to see Ice Age. She did well! There's a pic of the hairbows I made for Luke's little sister on the way, and some of us at Lisa and Steve's for her fajitas, which were oh-so yummy and healthy! The one of Wendy holding the flower was from the day of the ultrasound, and the last one is of Linc's room in the making.

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Julie Arnold said...

Precious as always. :) You are looking particularly glowy these days...I always love seeing pictures of Woo-Loo, but it's especially nice when you're in them too! Linc's room is Ultra-Baby-Cute!! Can't wait to see you!