Saturday, October 24, 2009

Katie's Visit---Fantastic Memories!

Katie's visit was awesome! We were so blessed to enjoy her and lots of excursions! Below is Wendy with Katie at a pumpkin patch! A Mommy Elephant with her baby at the Portland Zoo!
Smoochy smoochy as the sun sets...

Daddy with Wendy as the sun began to retire (this was on our way up a bike path that overlooks a ton of...well, rocks that they break up and sell for landscaping.)
Katie trying her hand at silhoettes! Great job, Katie!
A cool tree on our way up to see Multnomah Falls.
Cape Horn.
Our Family at the Rose Garden.
A little play time at Laurel Hurst Park.
Zac at Roloff Farms!
Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach.
Lincoln's very first Halloween costume! lovely.
A silly girl who absolutely LOVES going to the dentist!
Enjoying the sand at Cannon Beach.

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Duelm Family said...

Great pictures!!! All keepsakes! And frameable too!