Monday, October 05, 2009

Up-do's and Wendy's Life of Late!

Did the hair and make-up for my 16-yr-old neighbor for homecoming, and had a ball! Colleen brought all of her cosmetics, and her bling, and we made this sweetheart absolutely dazzling IF I do say so myself! Below these two pics is James assisting Wendy at her school trike-a-thon. She was the slowest peddler, but she had fun. Next thing, we all headed to the clinic so I could get a flu shot. Yuck. Next are two of Wendy's "school looks." Finally, the pumpkin we're growing in our backyard that just popped up--who knows how! Probably because we left our rotting pumpkin out there too long last year. Now it's twice this big. Fun!

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