Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Update

I love my James. He's such a sweet man. Last night, he was going to go for a jog, but Wendy ran up to him and said, "Daddy, do you want to have a tea party with me?" and of course, in his work clothes, with his work badge still attached to his belt loop, he shuffled into our kitchen, got out the tea pot, the gummy snacks, and crouched down at her teensy IKEA table and chairs, and they partied. Around the two of them were Pooh Bear (of COURSE!), two dolls and other little "friends." James named them all. They took turns and used "please" and "thank you." He always uses their tea parties as a chance to reinforce good manners. Another thing he and Wendy do together is Playdough, and jogs in the jogging stroller, and watching the fishies swim around in their tanks at WalMart. Yup, I am blessed to have married a wonderful man.
Now, back to other news, Wendy news, as if I have any other kind of news--She's been her usual chatty self. She often asks me in public, the moment she spots a victim, "Mommy, Can I talk to strangers because I'm with you?!" I say, "Yes," and she then turns to the unsuspecting man or woman and says, "Hi! What's YOUR name?" It's actually a neat sort of social experiment that I get to observe because you'd be surprised how DIFFERENT folks out there are! Some adults are hesitant to speak to her. Weird. Some are bubbling over with interest in her and sweetness. I like those folks best of course. If she gets sort of blown off, she turns to me and says, "She's busy, right Mama?!" I hope the world is going to be kind to my Wendy. She's so young now, so innocent, and there are meanies out there, so I hope she is blessed to retain her good nature while also developing a strength that will uphold her in the face of rejection or outright cruelty. I wish I could be her shield forever. I hope SHE stays kind as well. I know how important it is for us to pray for our childrens' salvation in the Lord, that they may never know a day apart from the otherworldly comfort, protection and influence of the Holy Spirit within them.
Well, we miss my folks terribly, but they'll be back the 15 for the birth of Linc! Woo HOO! Below are pics of the rest of my folks' time here with us.