Saturday, November 07, 2009

Fun with Folks!

My folks have been visiting since the 29th and we've done quite a bit already! Below is Wendy, half-dressed for her school picture day! I'd curled her hair with sponge curlers, and she looked like Shirley Temple! She loves to climb on Granddaddy!
I love her as Curly Sue!
Last night I made verde salsa chicken enchiladas, and they were so-so, but the other night, I made this pecan-crusted chicken, and it was the bomb! It was not ME, so I'm not bragging or anything, it was this amazing recipe. E-mail me if you want it.
Halloween Day!
Portland City Grill....Mmmmmmmmm. Rebeccah watched Wendy for us!
OMSI Imax, Bugs.
Right before the show...
Playing at her table....Instead of eating.
Morning Play Date with Luke --Check out the Mommy Bumps!
Now I'm fixin' to get Wendy ready for our trip to Timberline Lodge, where we'll spend the night tonight. I bet this will be a neat experience!

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Duelm Family said...

I love Wendy's curls!!