Sunday, May 30, 2010

Katie is right!

My great friend, Katie, recently told me "It's scary how much your kids look like each other." OH MY GOODNESS! She is SO right. I find it wondrous how my two children, conceived years apart, opposite genders, could somehow manage to pull from mommy and daddy the very same coloring, features, etc. when the possibilities from our two immense gene pools is infinate! I mean, my mother is darker, with brown eyes and a deeper skin tone. James' father, the same ---darker coloring. In our two families, we've got small noses, big noses, green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes, brown hair, blonde hair, tall 'uns, short 'uns, etc, etc, etc. I cloned Wendy and added male parts. Seriously. I do hear it a lot now, too. "He looks just like Wendy!" Mm-hm!
"Brother, I'm smiling for the camera, but don't think for one minute that you're getting my Zhu Zhu pet!"
"Hey, we're close. But not that close. "
"You aren't getting my pet! I'm older and faster so there!"
Brother says, "Yeah, but I can make you feel insecure about dat! Lemme at him!"
(Insert Mommy's hand of justice.) "Now, now, Wendy, don't fret. He won't take it. He'll get his own when he's older and he won't share his with you, either."
"Be nice now. Aw, that's sweet, Wendy. Hold it! Click! Got it! Precious moments!"
"This must be Mommy's lucky day! You're such a great big sister! Smooch!"
"And you're not so bad yourself, little fellah."

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KatieLee Photography said...

Hurry up and bring that baby back to me so I can take his picture again!