Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

My Mother's Day was doubly special! It was my first with child (ren!) We celebrated my motherhood by reveling in the blessing of their lives. All the time, folks tell me that Linc looks like his Daddy, or "just like Wendy." He is easy and social. He's huge. Wendy is associating with him more now. It's like when you bring home a new kitten, and the older cat may not be a hissing bully or anything, but just might sort of ignore the spry lil' one. Well, now Wendy is feeling more attached to him, especially when we talk about his diapers. She loves to toss the old, wrapped up ones away for me! She always has to see what brother did in them first. Then she has to talk, in depth, about how she is now a full-time panty girl and "why is brother just a diaper baby? What do diapers feel like? Are they scratchy?" And on and on. Hey, if she feels a sense of love and affection for brother stemming from his dependence on diapers and her freedom from them, so be it. Below is a pic James took of me holding my little man at Taste of Asia. That's where we ate lunch after church. I wanted him to take one of me with both kids, but as you will see later, Wendy was in a peculiar mood and was marching to the tune of her own drum! The other day, I took advantage of Linc's nap in my arms. What better opportunity for a focus study?
His profile.
Don't them lips need kissin'?!
It strikes me that his hands, while pudgy and baby hands, are more masculine than Wendy's were! I can tell that his hands are definately just bulkier or something!
Grabbing his toes.
This evening, Monday night, Wendy was taking a peek to see what brother had done.When I caught her with the camera, both she and Linc thought it was just hysterical! I guess I can use Wendy to be my dependable diaper-checker now, huh?
I whipped out that beloved bubble suit again, thinking this time Linc will fill it out more fully and it'll be cuter pics! What say you? I reclined him, made googly eyes at him, and ta da!
Making a funny face of his own, and....
....his serious face, which I adore.
So, back to Taste of Asia, Wendy would sometimes, rarely smile for the camera. She did here. Isn't that sweet?
But for most of our lunch, she looked like this:
And said things like, "I don't like egg rolls. They have too many yucky 'sings' in them!"
I'd say, "Okay, then just smile for the camera for me. PLEASE, Wendy!" And I'd get this:
"Wendy. I will get you the sugar-coated puff donut if you eat ONE MORE BITE OF ORANGE CHICKEN, okay?! Please. Come on, Wendy. You need to eat. No stories at bedtime then." Then I'd get this look, with a whine:
Then she'd challenge, "How 'bout I eat ONE more bite of watermelon and THEN I get 'STREE' donuts, okay Mom? Okay?"
Random shots of Linc....
This is his wild kicking, really, really excited face!
This is his, "Mom. WHAT are you?!" face.
Look! Linc's teeth have all come in early, so I got him this special teething ring for babies with prematurely erupting teeth.
Now that he's got his teeth all in, extraordinarily!, he's eating people food.
Random Wendy shots...With Ava outside the other day. Oh, the bounce house was out, it was a cute sight!
I have blue "hair mascara" for Wendy. So, I took a lock on her right side and gave her a bit of punk before preschool. I'm glad she wasn't sent home!
"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the squankoliest one of all?"
Helping Dad water the grass.
You know she loves Zhu Zhu pets. She did this. She put the tiara from her Barbie horse and from a magnetic doll set, and the shoes from her My Little Pony, and she did the girlies thing imaginable. She made her "chick-munks" princesses. All on her own.
Mothers Day was wonderful. I felt so very blessed with the lives of my beautiful daugther and fantastic little man. I'm thankful God chose me for their mother, and I'm thankful that the man I love and belong to is half-way embedded into these two critters as well. Sigh. And now I'm glad I they are asleep so I can go to bed! Ha!

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Awww the picture of Ava and Wendy is too are the rest of them! You take great pictures!