Thursday, October 06, 2011

Elly is Born!

James' sister, Tiffany, and her husband, Chris, welcomed their firstborn, a perfect baby girl, named Elly, into our world Sept. 4th, just 2 days before Wendy's birthday. We get to go back on the 22nd, and I'm looking forward to cuddling with her! Someone took this pic of me holding my niece the day after she was born.
The story of her birth, from our point of view~ Tiff's water broke and she called her folks to let them know she was going to the hosp, but didn't want us to come right away, so we went to a seafood restaurant in town, closer to the hosp. We ate and let Lil' James and our kids burn off some of their energy outside the restaurant.

I took this pic of my father-in-law, waiting for the call~

Uncle James gets the call that we can go on to the hospital. It's getting closer to Elly time!

I know someone ELSE who's all smiles right about now!

We weren't in the waiting room long at all before J's dad got the call from Chris that she was here! Tiff's bf, below, never even got a chance to put her blanket and pillow down!

Even though you see so little of their faces, just look. Lil' James and Lil' Linc James--smiling BIG! Let's go SEE! 'Course Linc couldn't go back (and didn't know why we were there!)

Wendy wanted to see her so badly, but had to wait until we'd all seen her, and then, with caution, we were permitted to take her, a child, gulp, to the room! We didn't want to abuse this chance, so we were in and out, so Wendy got to see the little face just briefly.

Grandpa was emotional.

Uncle James was proud!

But not as proud as Papa!

Mother and Child~

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