Saturday, October 08, 2011

Wendy is Five!

Yeah, I know, I know, this is late, BUT! Better late than never! On the morning of Wendy's fifth birthday, I got her up out of her bed (having told her the night before that it was to be the last night I'd tuck in my 4-year-old Wendy!), to see the beautiful sun rising in the distance ---for her birthday!
Cupcakes for school!

Favors for school friends!

After school, she discovered lots of packages around her car seat!

Clothes and accessories for her American Girl Doll!

Later, Chuck-E-Cheese's with friends!

Love Linc's animated body language here!

Wish this pic were better quality, but um, yes. Linc found the one thing, among all of the rides and games, that he wanted. The broom.

Table set for friends~

"Happy Birthday to You!"



"My Buddy, My Buddy! Wherever I go, you're gonna go!"

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