Sunday, April 22, 2012

1st of 3 Huge Catch-Up Posts (3rd to come later)

So this is the topmost catch-up post, and scrolling down, you'll see the post I did last night (Easter), and finally, as soon as James can help me, I'm going to blog my cell phone pics once again because I'm soon switching to an I-Phone (thanks Nicole!)  We just have to wait on them to move my old number over. 
Weather's been lovely lately.  Kids enjoy our backyard so much more now that our new grass has filled in well.  First, a new 'do from last night, when I tweaked the one from the day ~

 Linc loves his sissy ("Didi") sooo much.  He finds nearly everything she does hysterical.

 Pooh Bear on stage, it seems!
 Wendy had a play date with her friend, Meghna, and they were soo cute planting "magic beans!"

 Had to get them ready for their ballet class.
 Lincoln resisting their hands-on approach to playing!

 Just funny, right?
 Putting Curlers on Horse
 I made crab cakes, and TRIED, in vain, to get Wendy to eat her own special heart-shaped one.  She did manage to swallow down a third of it.
 James got out a new bird feeding set, and the kids took to the styrofoam immediately.  Say "Cheese!"
 Check this one out.  My boy throws like a man and look at the ball mid-air!
 Wendy's most recent school project~  Another one was "100 Day" and I drew her with a gumball machine and we filled it with 100 colored dot stickers (the kind you use for a garage sale).
 A day with tons of cuteness from Linc.  Wendy loves him, too, and thinks he's so funny.  Oh, he had to take ALL THIS STUFF just to ride in the swagger wagon taking Wendy to school!
 I dolled her up recently for her portraits at ballet!

 At Mimi's, with Cousin M.E.!  Sooo cute.  Could be sistahs!
 Braid Maid, I am.

 At the mall one day~

 The morning of Wendy's genetic testing for MODY.  We pray for the mildest form.  This would be a miracle. 
 At Texas Childrens the Friday before, for our visit with an endo, two doctors, actually, who believe she may have this genetic form of diabetes.
 A wig belonging to my folks~
 At the zoo!

Okay, take a close look at this pic below, okay?  Do you see an eery profile hidden in the rocks?  I zoom in on the sinister face in the pic below this one!

 Watching the most marvelous creatures...

 The 4-D Dora show was so fun, but Linc was a bit overwhelmed by all the sensations!

 Like my mom says, how could anyone doubt that we have a Creator when you marvel at God's beautiful work?!

 A Sunday Morning ~
 Walking with Her Cousin
 Below are some my mom took, which I played with using Picassa!

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Texana said...

Oh, what gorgeous children you have, but put the bricks back on their heads...they're growing up much too fast! I still think of Wendy and Linc as the size and age they were at Julie's baby shower for Izzie! Too long since I've seen them in person! Give them a hug for me please!