Saturday, April 21, 2012

Catch Up ~ Our Easter

First of all, forgive if this post is a bit whacky.  New Blogger deal.  Wendy and Linc, ready to fly out the church door for the egg hunt!  We enjoyed Easter with family, and the kids were elated!  Wendy was quite good about handing over her eggs so that I could give her candy to other kids and replace it with small toys and a few sugar-free pieces I'd purchased beforehand.  We couldn't really stop Linc from shoving a few pieces of the real thing in his mouth, gooey slobber running all down his toothy grin, but we would soon destract him and confiscate the rest, doing the same for him.

Precious Cousin Elly!
Linc and Little James, reveling in the fun of the morning.
Below, Me with my two blessings, Marianne, with her little sweetheart, and Tiffany with Elly.  Below this pic, the pics from "First Thing Easter Morning," ahem, when the Easter Bunny left two gender-specific baskets for two eager kids!

And after church....more goodies!

And, at Great Aunt Mildred's, MORE goodies!  Beside her is Mr. M, quite a cutie, and he puts up with her!

Great Grandma Alma hugging on her great-grandson Easter day~ She had fallen the day before, and she is such a strong woman, God bless her.
"Hey Cousin, I bet I got more eggs than you!  Na na na boo boo!"  "Well, I bet my diaper is stinkier!"

Not long ago, sleeping at Aunt Nicole's.  Boy howdy, did these two have a blast playing with Nero!

What?  You don't cut your chips?

Elly the Bunny
This was at Wendy's school's egg hunt.

She and Gracie, same tooth status exactly.  Down to the one new permanent chomper with bumpy new-tooth surface, ha ha.

The morning following the loss of her second tooth, which she, herself, pulled out as well!

Under her pillow, BEHOLD!  (She chose to put her tooth pillow on the floor at the foot of her bed rather than under her head--both times.  "So that the tooth fairy (she knows it's me) doesn't have to stick the loot under my head!"

I went with a dear friend to get a manicure, and the salon had these ADORABLE FISH!!!

Just a cute look, to me.

My long-bodied baby.

Wendy's "paper meshe!" (How do you spell this?)

We invited some friends over to swim one day after school, and it turns out that the two classmates who came had swimsuits that Wendy happens to have as well!

They have been focusing on states, so of course, Texas sandwiches!

Linc is in a BIG BOY BED, and doing so well in it!

When we had a garage sale, Wendy made some money and bought this too-too-cute bakery!

Linc, all boy, used HIS money to buy the biggest, meanest looking water gun ever!  It's so funny, he went right for the toughest thing, in a big honkin' box, and CARRIED this cumbersome box himself, all the way to the register, huffing and puffing!  He is obsessed with money though, y'all.  He has a habit of keeping, at ALL times, coins and bills tightly within his fists.  It's like he doesn't feel ready for the day unless he's got money in his hot little hands.  And for hours on end, he keeps those coins tucked under possessive knuckles.  All.  The.  Time. 

Wendy had a final Fine Arts Friday performance, and below is the title of one of her works of art!

It was a patriotic concert, and Wendy wore my childhood dress!

From Wendy's backpack one afternoon~ Look, it's a sad Jesus "on the Cross."  Melted my heart.

Some Chinese water color paintings I did for my mom and dad's new bedroom.

I love to busy my nervous fingers with frenchbraids and elaborate 'do's, and I'm getting better now at more complicated things!  Love it that she has such awesome hair. 

This is Wendy's fish, everyone.  Meet "Fudge."  Aint she a beauty?  And she's social!  Loves attention through the glass.  Wendy might've named her Fudge when her diabetes thing began, craving chocolate, me thinks?

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