Friday, August 10, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

It's been soooooo hot.  Duh, right?  We swim often, we play inside, we visit with friends, and we are just as ready as everyone else for temps to become more tolerable!
Wendy as Thor, jumping with her friend's lil' bro.
Below, Linc jumps solo.
Wendy's reading is very fluid now.  She reads signs out and about, reads words like "movement," "catering," etc, and can read almost anything! 
We had her tested for public school 1st grade this summer (unless all scores over 90%, state law = she has to repeat kindergarten since her birthday is after the Sept. 1 cut-off), and her reading was 96%!  However, her math wasn't quite there.  Although I cannot see her test, I think she likely got on a roll adding, and then missed that it was a negative sign all of the sudden, or something like that.  This test was 3 hours every day for 4 days!  She did very well, and I was proud of her!  When I registered her at our fantastic school down the street, the principal was so helpful, and we're doing the following~ she will begin in kinder, but will leave her class to join 1st grade for reading, and then, they will also re-test her in math, and if she passes, viola!  First grade!  I'd rather she commit to one or the other so that she isn't stuck straddling two grades.  Prayers are welcomed!
Below, I put my camera on darkness mode and took this pic of her reading in bed.  Then, to protect those blue eyes, lamp on!
I just became a writer for Flair!  I wrote about this experience below, Franklin Drive-Thru Safari, and took these, and other pics, for the next issue!  The pics with my kids won't be published.  Anyway, I'm very excited about writing professionally for the first time!  My editor is also my friend, and she and I both graduated from A & M in '01, journalism!  I met her at Target last summer, looking for light bulbs.  Her daughter and son are Wendy and Linc's ages!  It's just neat.  I mean, I graduated but worked for a home health agency for four years.  Then, I dabbled in other things like substitute teaching, etc, but writing was my major.

I love this cute miniature horse!  Is that not a face you'd love to see every morning?

Who's your mama, llama?

My dad is steadily losing weight through a truly effective program, and he is looking so handsome.  He has already lost almost 70 lbs.  He feels great, and I am so, so thrilled.  Truly, what a blessing. 

Below, Wendy and her little friend, as they appeared right before they gave their recital inside the trampoline!
Wendy loves to chomp on carrots.
I can SEW!  My dear friend taught me how to use a sewing machine, and it's not hard at all!  I finally made Wendy's pillow case from a little kit I bought a loooong time ago!  Now I feel encouraged because I've often drawn up fashion designs, and now, if I were to want Wendy or Linc to wear a particular outfit, it's possible that with practice, I could make it!  Or I could embellish existing basic clothes with my own designs?!  Why not?  Sewing machines are rad!
We check on the kids every night before we retire, and Linc looked too cute the other night.
Oh, and awake, he's even more adorable!
After a long day at church and out and about ~
Swimming lessons were great this summer!  Last summer, she took one-on-one lessons in a private pool, but didn't get there, at all, due to her fear.  This time, the other kids and their abilities truly spurred her on!  This was my friend's suggestion, as she was a lifeguard at one time, and she was spot on!  Wendy isn't a strong swimmer yet, but definitely eager to practice all the time!  For times that a pool is crowded, and I'm 1 to 2, I bought Puddle Jumpers, which are another friend's recommendation, and they are the best safety set-up there is.
Reviewing her chores...
Window Washer
Reading to Brother
T-Shirt Painting
Linc makes a hilarious breathing sound when he's concentrating.  I just sit beside him, watch him and listen to the tone as he crafts.
"When I grow up, I want to fight for our country, defend our freedom, and wear really cool flight jackets."  Nah, she wants to be a tightrope walker!  She wants a tightrope for her birthday!  I think her influence is a combination of Madagascar and the Olympics.
Friends from church came over for a play date.

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