Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thank Goodness for Pools

We swim often, everywhere, and I am signing the kids up for swimming lessons today (to start Monday).  Wendy took one-on-one lessons last summer but did not learn to swim because she was afraid.  Now, she's enjoyed pools like a water baby since she was a baby---I took her to Firstenburg and other pools all the time.  She loves the water but is now terrified of the deep end!  We'll see if group lessons help as she watches other children, perhaps some of them younger and smaller, have the faith!

 Last night... I had gone to the library Saturday and returned with a new stack of good books.  James was reading one about a paper doll girl, Origami actually, who comes to life!  Made me think of a story my mother wrote about a Japanese girl.
 When Lincoln is feeling all lovey, he snuggles us or his Puppy.  The night before last night, I read to them, in his bed, and he pet my arms and legs with his soft boy hands.  Soooooo heart-melting.

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