Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Few Highlights

As I've lamented before, I'm so unimaginably far behind with this blog, there is no way I could truly catch up, and post all of the blog-worthy pics I have saved on our external hard drive. I bet we've stored thousands since my blog was last thoroughly updated. There have been accomplishments, celebrations, experiences, cute moments, etc, etc, but the best I can do is try to catch up occasionally with some of the highlights! Man, I used to be on top of this, and I value it as a recording of your lives for you three to one day enjoy, for your future spouses, your future kids! For your father and I to REMEMBER! But, I don't want it to be an idol. You know, blogging is a funny thing. I'm sure Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are as well! I don't do the other social media for various reasons, but this blog began as a way to keep our families updated when we lived out of state. It's an outlet for me. It's fun! But as with the other forms of expression, it isn't the whole story. Life has hard times, too, and boring times, ha! So even an "updated blog" may not share all of life---no, not even close! But it's a sort of sampling of times upon which I choose to reflect. 
Below, for example, was a super blessed event, Wendy's end-of-school talent show!  Wendy performed Frozen's Do You Want to Build a Snowman!  Click the link to see Wendy's performance.  She did very well, and it was a great experience for her.  Below the link, she is standing beside a classmate who sang Frozen's Let It Go!


Now, behold Wendy's baptism portrait above Alice's.  Similar, yes?  Alice's baptism went very well, we had a party at our home after the service, and again, we felt blessed.  It was a joyous occasion! 

And below, "Aunt Katie's" baby shower!  Oh, how thrilled we all are as we anticipate holding her lil' man!  It can't happen soon enough for me!
Alice at the shower!


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