Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Silly Me

Obviously, I am not a blogger earning an A+ in blogging.  Sigh, looking back at old, old posts from years past, I realize, looking for specific things or events, that I've left out a LOT!  I can't find photos I know I took, that were certainly worthy of sharing on this blog.  So kids, when you grow up and you're reviewing your lives as presented here, just know that Mommy goofed up here and there and left out key moments in your lives!  Ah!  Blame it on the brain cells I've lost with each of my pregnancies, tee hee. 
Daddy has several external hard drives (several as back-ups), each containing literally THOUSANDS of pics from your daily lives as well as many highlights, I know, I know, some of which I've failed to post about in this sometimes meticulous blog. 
Life is just FULL, and for that, I am thankful to the One who blesses us so richly.  We get to enjoy things all of the time, around the clock, around the calendar.  We engage in fun activities, observe moments of meaning, learn, grow and love.  I love you all and am trying to maintain this blog.  I don't do Facebook.  I don't do other things, but I do blog!  And all because James and I moved to Oregon years ago, started our family with Wendy Woo Loo, and wanted out of state family to see her grow.  And so this blog is a treasure that I enjoy padding with new posts, here and there but no consistently as I've repeated throughout, ah me!  I hope it's a treasure for you, your spouses and your kids some day. 
I've wondered if a company prints and binds these blogs?  Hmmm...

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