Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Illness Stinks

It started the morning of Dec. 13.  Linc emerged from his room.  "Happy birthday party day!"  He throws up.  We call to cancel bounce house set-up, let friends know not to come, and I pick up sheet cake, only to have it waste.  Poor boy is so sick, he opens presents later in the day, with slightly more spirit than he had all day--:(. We'd taken him to St. Joes, and he was dx'd with a secondary bacterial infection.  See, he'd been sick Thursday but appeared to have recovered.  Now he's on meds and party is to take place at some future point in time.  Because Christmas is next!
The 21st, his actual bday, we celebrate Christmas with the Reneau side at Uncle Chris and Aunt Tiffany's.  He gets a candy vending machine, fabulous, from Grandfolks, and gets a darling gum ball machine cake.
From there, big kids go to Mimi and Granddaddy's as James and I take Alice with us to outlets to shop.  On the 23rd, we return to take Wendy to Dr. Holmsten--upper respiratory infection.  The 24th, we (James, Linc and I) come down with the flu, and trip to ER confirms it.  Christmas Day, we are SO overcome with this virus.  Opening presents was a sort of twilight state experience.
We worried about my folks, but they want us there and assure us they've gotten shots.  But that night, we leave as we do not want to infect my brothers' families.  So, we miss seeing them the 26th, and go about the business of suffering the full 10 days.
We managed to dress the kids for a quickie Christmas pic--

So then!  James and I wind up returning to doctors (St Joes and I go to the Bryan clinic) and he's dx'd with a sinus infection and I'm dx'd with an ear infection and wheezing.  New prescriptions.
Fast forward to Jan. 9.  Wendy is scratching.  I discover a new (2nd time) head lice infestation!  As I am at HEB, filling the prior lice script, my doctor calls with my recent lab results--low iron, and I have a UTI!  So, I wait a little longer until my new antibiotic is filled (mind you, I finished my other antibiotic less than 24 hours before.)
All weekend long I duke it out with the lice, sanitize our home, again, email the school.
Seasonal affective disorder is real, but I can't help but wonder if winter bugs of all sorts are really to blame!!!
Below is the invitation to the party that shoulda been--

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