Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alice and Me

Yesterday Linc had his 5-year well child appt. and Alice had her 9-month well baby appt.  Alice isn't crawling, not pulling up to standing, and cannot get herself into a sitting position.  Dr. referred us to two kinds of physical therapy.  He asked if we have a family history of this..or that..mentioned neurology.  Lump in throat.  Had yesterday, the night and today to think about it. 
I was late walking.  15 months and 5 days according to my baby book.  Wendy was a little late walking--maybe 14 months, but she did take 3 steps at 13 months-ish.  Linc was a knee walker until 18 months, when he first walked like a human.  So.  We shall see. 
Here is how God is merciful.  Yesterday, Alice began to army crawl.  YES!  With that, at least she's already further ahead than she was!  So we shall find out what the therapist says.
Saw cardiologist today.  Echo and EKG normal.  Small murmur.  Strange sensations I feel regularly, that make me cough, and then they're over---sent home with a 24-hour monitor.  I look like a jellyfish!  See, hypertension had returned.  Frequent exercise and decent diet had resulted in pre-hypertension levels (without the med), but winter, sickness, etc, made us homebodies, and my blood pressure rose.  Took the labetalol.  :(  Now, I had a UTI and didn't know it until lab work showed it, so there is perhaps a tiny chance that had something to do with it, but eh.  Cardiologist said what others have said--I'm young to have hypertension, there usually is no reason for it to be found, but that with management, my prognosis is identical to someone without hypertension.  It's the feeling of being broken that I have to overcome, if that's the case.  I'm 36!
Interesting news--my father, while in the Navy, was told he was borderline.  They chose not to treat him because they didn't want to ground him over it.  They wanted him to fly.  Once he retired at 47, boom, on meds for it.  Hmmm..  So!  If it's hereditary, than WHY did it strike suddenly, for the FIRST time (no hypertension while big and huge and preggers?!), post-partum and following my kidney surgery (which was within days of delivering)? stop--nephrologist.  I have a referral.  Hoping it's some sort of scar tissue associated with kidneys, something that can be surgically corrected.  Would love to live my life, with my small kids, without any must-take drugs.  Side-effects?  I don't even know, but I know the Labetalol causes depression.  Great. 
It's okay.  Life throws these things and how we handle them is where God works on us, through us!  There is a motion to this life.  It isn't stagnant.  And there are challenges, as we know!

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