Friday, February 06, 2015

Weight Loss Progress

Before and After (Going Out)--Difference of 25 lbs.

Before and After (Side View)

(AND with the help of STITCH FIX!--Let me know if you want to try it, and I'll send you a referral!  I feel like at last I can dress like "A REAL Girl!"  I have NEVER before enjoyed jeans that FIT!)
Before and After (Working Out).  I was humiliated posing for the before pic.  That extra fluff everywhere.  UGH! 
I have the Zoolander face because again, I felt silly posing, BUT it does show that I've lost the poundage, and I want to encourage any viewers out there, that it can be done.  Just starve yourself!  Just kidding.  I was part of an amazing weight-loss group, led by my fabulously fit and beautiful friend, "C," who motivated me like crazy AND dished out, no pun intended, solid advice on losing the weight in a HEALTHY way.  I thought to myself, "calories in, calories out."  So!  I ate well, ate less, and burned more, by walking, primarily.  Honestly, if it hadn't been for this terrific friend, and her thoughtful encouragement, I wouldn't have done it, I bet.

Now...can I maintain?  Hmmm...I'm gonna try, y'all!  I did it this time WITHOUT Phentermine (which also works, but try the natural way first--easier to MAINTAIN long-term!)  And while I do still have "idiopathic hypertension," boo hoo, (I lament that fact), I am trying, and there is a sense of accomplishment in knowing I'm doing what I can, naturally, you know?  Maybe in time, my blood pressure problem will resolve.  I did go through a lot with the c-sec and kidney stone surgery...
Oh, by the way, the results of the 24-hour monitor--I have paroxysmal atrial my dad.  Oh well!
Carry on!
One last thing.  My goal is 120 lbs.  So, I'm not there yet.  But it's great to have a goal.

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