Saturday, March 07, 2015

Life Lately

Well.  The Tanneberger Sickness Saga continues.  Since the last post on the subject, Alice has had two antibiotic treatments for a stubborn ear infection (one prescription we obtained visiting urgent care in La Vernia!), Wendy has had a virus and still has a lingering cough, and Friday I went to our urgent care and tested positive for Type A flu!  I also had kidney related symptoms so I received a shot in my rear to prevent pyelonephritis.  When I tell you it's embarrassing how often we're sick, I mean it!
In other news, Alice qualified for early childhood intervention physical therapy for a 3-month gross motor delay.  Three women came to assess her and found that she lacks upper body strength, balance but is otherwise on track in other areas of development.  So that is in the works-- just waiting for completion of paperwork.
I'm working on my second submission for the Messina Hof art competition.  The winning art will appear on the wine bottle labels, so we'll see if I place at all.
The theme is perceptions, and the rules are to feature their architecture in the style of a chosen artist, so my first effort was in the style of Vladimir the surrealist.
More updating and pics when I'm feeling better, lol, and the pics are moved to the external hard drive.  Lots more has happened, of course, including my nieces' baptism and communion, bday parties, church life (James is a deacon and I've also upped my involvement), etc.
Love ya and will catch up soon!

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