Friday, February 16, 2007

Addition to Wendy's Nursery!

As you can see, I painted Wendy's name on the wall space above her changing table. I had considered buying wood letters, painting them, and hanging each by ribbons tied up with bows, but figured this would be the cheap way. I already had the paint left over from other crafts for her room, and I had the brushes too! So, here it is! Now, after changing her "dydy," I stand her up and she looks at the curly q's and seems to approve! I've always felt her name is whimsical, thinking of Wendy's role in Peter Pan, and tiny, insect-sized fairies graced the paper Katie used to design her birth announcements, so a little butterfly and some daisies complete the effect I was going for. I hope it suits her "big girl room" when we make the conversion some day!

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