Monday, September 10, 2007

Aunt Charlie is in the arms of God

My mother's best friend of many decades, Charlene Reid, arrived in Paradise Saturday morning, following a long and arduous battle with brain cancer. My folks left our house together yesterday morning to fly out to Iowa to be with Charlie's husband, Denny, and to participate in the funeral service Tuesday. They first flew home to Houston last night and are on their way to Denny now. Charlie was an amazing friend to my mother, more like a sister. In fact, when they were seen together, most people thought they had to be sisters. I could not discern my own mother's voice from Charlie's if my eyes were closed. They shared a bond so strong, a trust that laid a solid foundation for years and years of sharing and loving. Please pray for my mother, and for Denny and Charlie's children, Nathan, Matthew and Sarah. Please pray that our Lord will comfort each of them, and that they will all receive the peace that passeth all understanding. Charlie suffered a great deal, and at the end of her struggling, just wanted to be embraced by her Heavenly Father. He whisked her up. For that we are relieved and have a sense of joy. Her absence, however, will be a difficult adjustment for all of us who must wait for God's timing for our happy reunion. I was blessed to see Charlie in my dreams Friday morning, the morning she went into her coma. She was ethereal--she was well, beautiful and cheerful and smiled and said, "Hi Laurie-Chris." I shared this dream with my mother, and later that afternoon, we learned that she had gone into a coma, which led to her passing soon after. I believe that the Lord wanted to comfort my mother in this way. It was as if He wanted to show my mom that Charlie was being restored. That the distortion of her life, caused by her illness, was surrendering to total restoration of her body and being in a glorious transition into His realm of love. I'm so certain of her wellness now. My mother is too. Praise God.

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Julie said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I know how special she was to you. Give my love to your Mom. What a wonderful example their friendship is and will continue to be. I love you Friend.