Saturday, September 22, 2007

MY pictures FINALLY!

Okay, so I had left my camera card-reader at my folks' in Houston, so my mom lovingly bundled it up and mailed it to me. Here are the shots I'd taken...First one is of Miss Wendy and Miss Hattie in matching outfits, compliments of "Aunt Katie!"

This one below is of Wendy and her two new girlfriends, Adalei and Rowan, at the birthday bash we threw for her out here, at Salmon Creek Park! My mom also took tons of cute pictures from this party, but I have to figure out how to copy and paste them from my yahoo e-mail account! I didn't take as many as my mom did due to the fact that I was passing out party favors to all the kids (Disney princess lipgloss necklaces and stretchy sticky window pane men!).
Her spread. Manning the meat was my dad to the right (pigs in blankets and beef taquitos).
"Wendy, how old are you?" "ONE!"
Hmmmm, can you tell which one is the birthday girl?
With her cousins in Houston---Victor, Devon and Wesley. Such sweet boys.

At my folks' house, (the 1st birthday party we had with our family). That's her cousin Luke! They are both very social and enjoy each other!
A fun shot of Aunt Stephanie with Cousin Hattie!
And Cousin Christie with Cousin Luke!
Aunt Katie snapping away and reloading at The Children's Museum in Houston. This was a blast. To see Hattie, Wendy, and Katie's friend's kids running 'round and exploring!
Wendy says to the big girl, "Okay, let's put our heads together to figure out how to get this gold out of this here thingy!"

Hattie loves puppet shows!

My daddy at the Mexican restaurant...
Helping Mimi grocery shop!
Sharing a ride with their bagels!
"Look Cousin. Just stick your tongue out like so! Refreshing!"

Lil' James just adores Wendy... It's the most precious thing.

At church....
Wendy enjoyed her FIRST 1st birthday party and Grandma and Grandpa's!

The first thing we did in La Vernia is go wedding gown shopping with Aunt Tiffany and Grandma and Tiffany's other bridesmaids! Wendy will be a flower girl too! I would include pictures of Tiffany in potential gowns, but I don't want to ruin the surprise, so I will refrain.

Grandma Tanneberger created a nursery out of their bedroom storage room, and here is the Woo Loo in the crib! LOVE this picture!

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Sean, Stephanie and Hattie said...

I love her cake, Laurel! So pretty. Ah, seeing all the pics of the girls makes me miss all the fun we all had together. Can't wait until Christmas ;0)!