Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wendy can stand!

Last Tuesday, I believe it was, Wendy started to pull up to standing, using the couch, the stairs and her new walking toy. She's been pulling up non-stop now. Today, while at Peanut Butter and Ellie's, http://www.pbecafe.com/directions.html (check it out!), she actually STOOD on her OWN for several seconds TWO times! I was so excited I thought I was gonna cry! My friend, Tristen, tried to take her picture, but of course, she would not do it again. She actually balanced her own frame on her own two peg feet, and needed NOT the table or me to lean up against or hold onto! I am sooooo thrilled I can hardly contain my joy! Yay God!!!!!!!!!!! Peanut Butter Ellie's is an adorable kid-friendly restaurant, and they actually have "lunch insurance" for 50 cents, so if your little one rejects his or her lunch, it is replaced, no questions asked. Yes, I did get the insurance, and yes, she did require it's full realization. She spit out the turkey and cheese shapes, so she got a grilled cheese replacement!

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