Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Show on TLC!

Hey Girls! Have y'all heard of that brand new daytime show on TLC? It's called Baby Iron Chef! Here are a couple stills from yesterday's broadcast with the captions "Chef Wendy is contemplating a splash of Dijon for her special pasta dish she proudly refers to as 'Woo Loo Wonder'" and "Chef Hattie is in trouble. She's missing her secret ingredient which is critical to the success of her whipped treat called, 'Hattie Heaven.' She'll send her assistant to the market pronto."

"Oh no. Chef Wendy is trying to redirect Chef Hattie. That's against the rules. Chef Wendy may be disqualified. More when we get back from our commercial break. Stay tuned for more Chef Wendy versus Chef Hattie....on TLC."

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