Friday, January 18, 2008


Now that Wendy is 16 mos. old and Mimi's visiting us, we felt free enough to take our "babymoon" at last! It was a wonderful weekend. We spent the first night in a cabin in Stevenson and enjoyed a hot tub that looked out onto the river. The following night we stayed at Bonneville Hot Springs Spa Resort and each had a mineral bath and wrap. Neat thing to do. Gorgeous hotel and everything's so quiet and serene. During the days we went on adventures, visiting an old museum featuring the early settlers, Indians and missionaries, eating sturgeon spread and sipping top shelf margaritas at El Rio's. Sigh....It was fantastic.

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The Bethancourts said...

L-that's a great picture of you at the top with the mountians. Congrats on your Babymoon---looking forward to ours! :)