Monday, January 21, 2008

Anna Marie and Wendy Lynn

This month my mom and I are taking care of my neighbor's daughter while she recovers from major surgery. Anna is soooo sweet, gentle and motherly to Wendy, and we're having a ball. Some shots from last week--We transformed our dining room into a play room, which can be returned to its dining identity when needed. Right now the girls are loving Wendy's new play kitchen. Outings are crazy fun with the girls. Cafe Sip N' Play is my favorite retreat, and the girls just love it. We've done a lot and there are more pictures to come when I upload them from both my and mom's cameras.

On another note, James returned from San Antonio, and his father is about the same, with good days and bad days. Waiting for a new heart. Please keep him and James' family in your prayers.


Julie said...

I'm jealous! Wendy has a nicer kitchen than me. ;)

The Jasters said...

What sweet pictures! Miss Wendy is growing up! James's dad and the whole family are in our thoughts and prayers.