Thursday, September 04, 2008

Coco Etc.

Before we left for Houston, Miss Girlfriend asked for make-up. She growled and insisted. Ah, a glimpse of my daughter as a young lady....(Please don't grow up too fast.)

Back to the more recent past, Wendy and I had a ball in La Vernia with his family. They threw a marvelous party for her complete with a darling cake made by Tiffany. She actually made decorated cookies on sticks as they do with cookie bouquets! They popped up out of dirt cake, which is one of my favorite guilty pleasures because it's made with whipped cream, butter, vanilla pudding, confectioners sugar, and oreo cookies. Yeah, it's good. James' dad looks great. He's got color in his cheeks and it's just such a blessing that he's doing well with his new heart. His mom is doing well too now, recovering from her hip surgery. Tiffany and Chris are a darling newly wed couple, and their business is doing very well. They enjoyed playing with Wendy. Wendy's sweet great grandmother Alma enjoyed her too, even though Wendy accidentally closed a door on her poor fingers!!! My last evening was spent with my best friend from A&M, Nicole. She picked me up and we went to Coco Chocolate Lounge and Bistro in San Antonio. Hello. Such a girl's Heaven! We sat in a red velvet tufted thrown booth, sipped martinis and "wine flights," and devoured breaded brie, candied raspberries and toasted peanuts. The owner is a Frenchman, and below is his "business card." Girls, if ever in San Antonio, go to Coco. Seriously.

It's a pen.

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