Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Grouchy Land is a messy, messy place!"

A little while ago, I bought an Elmo movie that was on sale, "Elmo in Grouch Land." Well, I found out why it was only $5.99. It's SCARY! Elmo drops his blue blanket in Oscar the Grouch's trashcan, and then it floats down into Grouch Land, and it freaked Wendy out because there is trash everywhere and "it's a messy, messy place," and that just frightens Wendy more than anything. She became obsessed with it, talking about it all the time and getting distressed! Well, we had to haul some yard debris off to the dump a couple Saturdays ago, so we took her with us, of course, and I took her out of her car seat so she could watch Daddy shovel stuff of the bed of the truck, and I told her, "See Wendy, we're at Grouchy Land and it's a messy place but it's not scary!" Phew. Got out of that one!

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