Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sea Side Beach

This last weekend, after God mercifully allowed me to pass my ouchy kidney stone, James, Wendy and I really had the family time we'd been craving. We went to Sea Side Beach! James took Monday off, so we spent the night at the "Microtel" Sunday night. On the way there, Wendy was quite cute in the minivan. We were listening to a song on a CD Katie made for me, "Hosanna in the Highest," and it's a powerful praise and worship song, and I'm not charismatic, but I do raise my hands (in private) to this song. I was belting it out and raising my hands, and we turned to look at Wendy as she was also raising her splayed fingers and singing, "Hosanna in the High-ET!" I was impressed by my first impression of this place. Lots of fudge and chocolate stores, candy stores, toy stores, fantastic seafood restaurants, the glorious beach, gift shops, etc. Wendy loved the ocean, and wasn't afraid when she fell backwards into the water (James of course whisked her out), but Monday she was a little apprehensive when Daddy ran her out into the water after she, let's say, did her thang. The water might have been colder then, and she kept saying, "I don't LIKE to go in the ocean!" The biggest blessing was that Wendy just might be maturing a bit because she did beautifully in the hotel room! Yay!

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