Friday, November 07, 2008

7 Random Things...

I got this idea from my sis-in-law's blog. 7 Random things about my husband, James Marlin. Hmmmmm....What sorts of things will make this list? Since they're to be random, it will be the first 7 things I think of!

1) I married a man with an enormous heart. He has sympathetic feelings for others that go beyond the usual. He hears a country song about a little girl with a sad story, and he weeps. He scans a tag on an angel tree at Christmas time, and he has to turn his face away from folks so that they won't see his tears. I love his heart.

2) He prides himself in a job thoroughly and well done. He loves to do home repairs and upgrades and holds himself to a higher standard. He notes all his mistakes and they really, really bug him.

3) He's a runner. Yeah. He runs. For fun. For well-being. I totally do not. I admire him for that.

4) He's affectionate. I'm glad.

5) He is likable. More so than I am. I noticed, upon marrying him, that I made more friends more easily, and I believe it is because as a half of a new whole, I'm more likeable too.

6) He's a fantastic river-dancer. Ask him to perform for you sometime.

7) He's trying to get over his coffee issues. He loves the taste but hates the crash he feels. So, now he's drinking iced coffee from McDonald's on Sundays only in an effort to become more tolerant.

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