Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wendy's Big Girl Room is 90% DONE! Look!

Our upstairs hallway is "Peanut Butter" with art neuveau tiles (somewhat sophisticated), but then you open the first door on the left to this:

James painted it in about 2 days. My hero! Toddler bed (slides out to twin) and shelves from IKEA of course. This dresser is ANCIENT and we got it at an estate sale! This adorable growth chart came from Leslie and Jeremy, who've just finished Hayden's big girl room too!

I dunno. Do you think we did a good job creating a new space for this lil' miss? When we showed her her new room last night (I videotaped most of it!), she said, "My big girl ROOM! Christopher Robin SWING!" because she'd overheard me tell my mom that the wall color was to be Christopher Robin Swing Green. A carry-over from her Pooh Bear nursery I suppose as her nursery was painted Pooh Bear Yellow.
~~I am not done. I need to add my own artistic flair to her wall somewhere. Perhaps pink butterflies? AND, I have to get four more photos of family girls as little girls re sized for their sparkly pink frames. THEN I'll be done!


Sean and Stephanie said...

Laurel, it's so pretty! I'm hoping to get Hattie's big girl room done before Christmas, but we'll see! Love the portrait of her on the door - who did that?!?

Did y'all try letting her sleep in her big girl bed last night then?

The Bethancourts said...

It looks great! I love that color of green. It looks very soothing. The rest of the room is very cute also. I'm stressing over John's big boy room at the moment. What to do???...

Duelm Family said...

Her room is so cute- I love IKEA- I wish SA had one! And Miss Wendy herself is so pretty and sounds like she has so much personality!

Luke's Momma said...

GREAT job Laurel!
I'll have to come peek in before we go to Walla Walla..maybe before or after the walk real quick Tuesday if you can come. We leave tuesday for our thanksgiving trip.