Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Duggars

I love the Duggars, and when they speak about their choices for their family, I admire them, and feel conviction concerning my choices. They are not self-righteous. They are windsome. They are lovely! Am I ready to toss out my pants and wear long A-line skirts? Not yet, but I understand their reason for dressing that way, and it's a holy reason. Am I ready to take on home-schooling? I'm scared to death of it, but I'm beginning to think about it. Am I ready to have as many children as the Lord sees fit to produce through the two of us? No! But I'm no longer COMPLETELY sure that we're done! I just realize I have a long way to go in my walk with Christ! A LOOOOONG way! I thought I was pretty good! Now, that's not good! It's a blessing to be reminded to think more on the things we choose for ourselves and our families. Please pray for little Josie, their 19th child, born 3 months early and fighting for her life. Please pray that she will reach the potential God wills for her life. Please pray for this wonderful family. They are truly living out their lives with the fullest desire to reflect the power of God.

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