Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Following Fun Orders!

Well, not orders exactly. My sister-in-law wrote a very sweet and touching post on her blog (look at my list of blogs if you want to read what she wrote--"blogahon.") Anyhoo, she asked her readers to post their own love stories in observance of Valentine's Day. I ask that MY readers do the same! And let me know when you've done it so I can enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed reading Stephanie's love story! OKAY! Here goes!
My senior year at A & M, I went with my best friends to the Renaissance Festival. I borrowed my Aunt Karen's costume. Yes, I was a nerd in medieval dress. Anyway, once there, I found out that Nicole's serious boyfriend, Yankton's, close buddy, James, was going to come and join us. I'd never met "James," but being the single gal that I was, I was ALWAYS excited about meeting any guy who wasn't connected to any gal! When he showed up, I saw blue, blue eyes. I saw buff. He started talking and he was just so soft spoken, polite and just seemed to be a sincerely good person. I was really kind of surprised by James. He was so different from shmootzy dudes with waxed eyebrows, pushing out their biceps with their crossed arms, you know the type. He was so nice to me, friendly, but I did NOT get the impression that he actually LIKED me. He took several phone calls during that day at the theme park, politely stepping way to talk with whomever it was. Nicole said he was dating a girl "that didn't deserve him." He now says he's pretty sure it was work calling him as he was often on call. At the time, I sure was curious about those frequent calls! I thought he was so cute, I actually took his picture in a HUT that sold these gypsy-type jingle jangle belts (I coaxed him into putting one on for the pic!) I developed those photos and kept the one of him filed away with other photos that meant something to me. We didn't date that year. Or the next year. We were always dating other people, but we'd bump into each other at Nicole's birthday celebrations at restaurants and what not. Finally, two years later, I saw him again and was INTENSELY interested in him. I told Nicole. She told me he was shy and I needed to allow her to give him my number. I was not for that, at first, because I was reared to be pursued and I didn't feel comfortable letting him know, through her, that I was digging his chili. Well, I let her do it. She called him and said, "James, here is Laurel's number. Do with it as you please." He put me on the sweat rack for 3 weeks! I really figured he did not like me that way! Finally, he called. I acted pleasantly surprised to hear from him. He asked me out. We had a great time at the Amazon Grill followed by Amy's Ice Cream. I liked the way he ordered "Pistachio A -lmond." That date led to another, and another, and so on. I later found out he waited to call me because he had finals, he fretted that Nicole had given him my number without my knowing it, and he just wasn't sure how it would play out. But get this. This is the best detail. On his birthday, I made Missy's veggie lasagna and gave him a wallet, and while saying our goodbyes at my folks' front door, he told me, "This was the best birthday I've ever had....I love you," while cupping my face. It was the best moment of my life! I asked him, "How long have you known?!" He said, "A while." I told him I loved him too. Ta DA!


Julie Arnold said...

Goosebumps!! I love your story!

Lisa said...

"Digging his chili" He he he! I love it! You two are the cutest couple! Happy Valentines Day!

Blogahon said...

Laurel, what a sweet love story with such a sweet happy ending! Thanks for sharing and playing along!

Happy Valentine's Day!