Friday, April 09, 2010

Brand New Baby Brunch!

Yesterday I hosted a "Brand New Baby Brunch" at my home. Three of my friends who have had babies right around the time of Linc's birth came and enjoyed quiche, berries, scones, muffins, coffee, etc, and we had a blast catching up! Two baby girls, two baby boys, forming a little baby-head flower on the floor of my living room! Awe, sweet!

We're all the mothers of two children each, our older children, all toddlers, so behold the toddler table! Yes, my kiddie chair solution looks kind of ghetto. They didn't mind!
It was neat in that we ladies are all learning the ropes of the 2-kid dynamic. It's great to go through life's changes with good friends!


KatieLee Photography said...

I love how all their hair colors are so similar! I recognize Linc's outfit!!! I love that he's in his next size of clothes!

The Bethancourts said...

Linc looks just like a boy cute! What a sweet thing to have those friends...I had 4 girlfriends with older kids John age and we all had our second kids within a month of eachother! Fun to share that experience with them!