Saturday, April 17, 2010

Phew! I'm caught up now! This ought to do it!

Well, here are some recent pictures I've taken. Okay, summary of events----Linc can roll over! As of about a week ago, he can roll over from his backside to his tummy! He does so quite cutely! I first noticed he'd done it when I'd set him down on his back on the soft new bath rug as I filled his baby tub with warm water. I looked down at him to discover he had rolled off onto the new flooring James installed and was on his tum! So cute! He is easy, and laughs when you tickle him under his jaw, especially on his right side under his ear, with kisses!
Wendy is growing up so quickly. She is willful. We're having to try different things in order to direct this strong personality in the right direction! She's beautiful and sensitive and we love her so much and are so proud of her! Someone at Cafe Sip N' Play complimented her today, which was just lovely! Below are some shots I got of the LINCSTER with the plain ole black fabric my mom got for pics when she was here!

Grabs his feet now! Oh, and studies his hands! LURVE IT!

Blowing raspberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for some in black and white....

With just a little tinting to those baby blues....And yuppers, that there is his birthmark!

Wendy used to slumber in a pink night dress like this one. I just love these things! So cuddly!

My angel baby....

Wendy didn't quite feel too perky one day. This was up in my room, next to my window. She just parked herself there on the floor, on my blanket, and played with her My Little Pony. Kind of sad, but I liked the way these turned out anyhow!

Another one from that sort of sickly day....

" Yeah, I'm fixin' to go to work. What?! Oh, I guess I need my Dockers, too!" Miss Katie made this onesie!

Smiley Dude!

Daddy tucking the critters in.....

Linc, rolling around on my bedroom floor, discovering my bedskirt. Just as amused as a little fellah can be!

My two men watching sports. They're never too young to learn the game!

Some lovin' time with Mommy. This man has stolen my heart away from Daddy!

Going outside for some SUNSHINE! WHOOP!

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