Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some New Pics

Wendy, cheesin' before school. Every week is a week of one of the letters. They're encouraged to bring an item that starts with that letter. I've been creating books for her to take for show-and-tell, and they are letter books, so like, "Wendy's Book of X, Y and Z!" It's a blast to make these drawings of a little girl standing behind an x-ray, a boy with a yo-yo, etc. I so enjoy doing it!
I had the scare of the year Wed. Her teacher escorted her to my van with her hand over Wendy's chest and then told me that the bump on her chest is not normal and needs to be evaluated by a doctor soon. I lifted her shirt. No injuries! I didn't see anything! But, she was insistent and behaving very gravely concerned. So, James met us at the clinic. I didn't even swing by the house to drop off the ground beef or produce. A PA saw her and said it's nothing, just that her ribs bulge out a bit more on one side. She said to run it by her pediatrician but that it's probably just some asymmetry. Still, scared me to death! I know her teacher meant well.
I think Linc looks like his dad right here! He is social and smiles gloriously! I just love his plump, cuddle face and body and the way his soft hands grab my fingers! He's my little sweetie! He rolls over all the time now, and studies his hands, and grabs toys.
"Nugget," from Grandma and Grandpa T is her new favorite toy! She just ADORES this zhu-zhu pet! He sleeps on her shelf at night, he watches her eat her "break-test," he is her child.
Also, she's got a bit more of an interest in Lincoln, thank the Lord! Today she asked me who all loves her. I listed everyone I could think of. Then she asked, "And does Lincoln love me TOO?" Of course I said, "Oh YES!"
The van is in the shop, and the extended warranty, level 3 out of 4, covers NOTHING EVER! Argh. Fume. So, I've been toting around my tots in this here stroller for two. I cannot fit into the Subway shop. I cannot fit into the mailing place. I cannot fit through the Starbucks door. BUT! I do fit through the front door at Cafe Sip N' Play and QFC. So, that is where we've gone. A lot. Getting the van back this evening.

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Lisa said...

Jack has a "bump" too. His is a rib. He's had it ever since he was born. The doctor said it either grew that way or it was broken (ouch!) when he was delivered. Lily just got another Zhu zhu pet named "spottie" tonight. She is all excited because now they have zhu zhu "rockstars" (with long spiked hair) and one that looks like a Bunny, a raccoon and even a skunk! :)