Thursday, August 19, 2010


These are the three or so months of concentrated family birthdays. Recently ~James' sister, Tiffany's birthday, his grandmother Alma's, and today is his! We, the kids and I, met up with him and our new friends for lunch at Sodalak's! I picked up a cheesecake, candles and "goodie bags" and we had a great time. In this first pic, however, a very sweaty and quite fussy Wendy sort of steals the show with her puppy dog eyes! Still, she had a good time celebrating her old man, and at home, right before she had her quiet hour, she and I celebrated Num Num's birthday...with all his Zhu Zhu pet friends.

Wendy couldn't have been more proud!
And sidekick, Linc, seemed to enjoy the festivities as well.
Taken last night, before we left for Community Group at the church. Wendy calls this her "Walker face."

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Jenny said...

Hi, I got your blog from Missy, she said you had just moved here.

I wanted to introduce myself, I'm Jenny, I blog over on

I attend Grace Bible Church, they have an amazing Young Families SS class, that is such a wonderful way to meet other families with young children, and they do tons of social activities.

We rarely make it to class (we usually just make it to church), but if your interested we could meet y'all up there sometime. They're also having a kickoff event on August 29th. If you want more info just let me know. And we have two playgroups, another great way to meet moms and even if you don't go to Grace, you are more than welcome to attend.