Thursday, August 05, 2010

Oh, for the LURVE of Zhu Zhu!

Our precious Wendy is INFATUATED for the first time in her tender nearly four years of life. No, it's not a boy, THANK GOODNESS! It's hamsters. But she thinks they're chipmunks...or used to think so until we informed her otherwise. These precious squeeking, talking, scurry-rats are her bffs, and there is absolutely no way to leave the house without at least TWO tucked away carefully inside of her special, kitty cat be-jeweled handbag. She eats, sleeps, BREATHES Zhu Zhu pets, and has made them the focal point of playtime, obviously, and bathtime and potty time, making me set them up on the sink counter so that they may keep her company. They watch her eat. They watch her everywhere. It's kind of eery. Zhu zhus here, zhu zhus there, zhu zhus underneath your chair! She wants me to create some sort of Zhu Zhu costume for her to proudly don on Halloween, and of course, she wants a Zhu Zhu-themed birthday PARTY, so with the loving help of my sister in law, we have found sites that actually instruct moms, or dads, how to create Zhu Zhu paperware, cakes, favors, and the like, so stay tuned for more blog posts that will eventually make you Zhu-Zhu-Crazy!

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