Monday, August 02, 2010

Take it from Me (no pun intended)

I can't believe this happened to us,

I'd offer a seat as I tell 'ya,

But the movers have trashed every surface we have,

So lean on those shelves, be careful! They're busted,

And that shattered mirror might nail 'ya!

~It would've been better had thugs in their quest

Pilfered, destroyed and stolen,

Than for us to have PAID these movers on-line

to leave our household so broken

I know this ordeal should not have a spot front and center in our world. After all, it's just stuff. But because I'm constantly realizing I need something that's GAWN, it's harder than rocks to get past it all just yet. And after literally thousands of dollars in damages and lost belongings, including my only two antiques with now-missing pieces and my own art, which James had professionally framed for me last year, and which he asked them to crate carefully, AND after breaking our backs to pursue justice, and as of yet, with absolutely no fruit, it's just one big long outrage. It's a freakish thing. I mean, I remember my family's moves across the GLOBE y'all, and they were here when the guys arrived. They've NEVER seen such disorder, such a horrendous outcome. It's a loooooong story, and one I so desire to put behind me. I pray so hard now. I just pray for justice, perfected according to God's own judgment. And I pray that if that does not come, that we will have peace over it and move on soon. We have to. I'll do all that I can first though, and will do my part to protect others!

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