Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sonshine Christmas Program and Party!!!

Wow, today was an exciting day for our family! It was Wendy's school program in honor of Jesus! James came and met us, taking a nice break from work, and Lincoln was rested and eager to see Sister do her thang! All of the children were A----dorable! I mean, really, really cute up there with hats on and all, and these songs were not the usual, familiar ones. Wendy, single-handedly, made the entire audience break out into "aaaws" and laughter as she spotted me and Daddy on the front row and waved and yelled out, "I LOVE YOU!"
And, filled with pride and joy, she leaped off the stage, following her classmates!
Following the concert was a dandy little party in the room! Each child got treat bags, a coloring book, and there was a book exchange!

James ran into a guy from work, whose son attends the school, and I ran into a young mother who was in our new members class at West Minster Church! So fun!
The Class~~
And just when we thought it was over...who should walk through the door?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Ho Ho Ho!!! MERRY Christmas!!!
And his posse!
A TALL Santa! Wendy asked out, "Is he the REAL Santa?" to which I replied, "I'll tell you in the car," simply cuz I didn't know what other moms or dads might be saying....
Finally, Wendy had been waiting patiently to give Miss Kristi her gift. It was a cute sight to see, her opening the gift for Wendy's good pleasure...
We are really laughing often these days, and that's mostly because Wendy says the funniest things! Not long ago, we were in Houston, and my mom was in the passenger's seat, and I was lost, and flustered, and Wendy sighed and said, "Mom, you just can't handle it." I said, "Wendy, why did you say that?" "No reason," she said. A teenager. Oh my word. Then later, when her DVD player was plugged in instead of my navigation system, she asked me, "How are you going to keep from getting lost, Mom?" And I don't change the words of her sentences, she really talks exactly like that. I just wondered silently (What is she going to be like 10 years from now? Oh my gosh.) At Mimi's house, she told her, "I like your Christmas tree, and that's what I said earlier." Funny, funny girl. And Linc's been pretty stinkin' cute lately, too! At a Mexican restaurant, my father summoned the mariachi to come to our table and perform for us. My dad is big on tipping them because he just loves their ballads! Anyway, I turned Linc's highchair to face them, and they serenaded him, and he sat there with his mouth agape and his partially nibbled Saltines, one in each hand, fixed, frozen in time, as he stared and absorbed this wonder! The surrounding tables all watched Linc and LAUGHED! It was too cute! Lincoln is quite different from Sister. He is musically inclined, I do believe. He has rhythm! He head-bangs in Buffalo Wild Wings, to rock! He tries to sing! He's not as verbal as Wendy was already at his age, but he is better with his hands. He studies things and tries to manipulate small objects. He's just so different, our boy. It will be so fascinating to see what they gravitate towards as older children, and as adults!

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I think Santa needs a hair cut.......just sayin' - maybe just a trim, a little off the sides? :)