Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lauren turns five!

Wendy's friend from school had her party Friday, celebrating five years! She's a doll. Wendy really loves her. The decorations were so foo-foo and fun.
At first, Wendy played mostly with Linc, oddly enough! They had a blast exploring the tunnel, bounce houses, and parachutes.
There were, oh, between 15 and 20 kids, jumping up and down all over the gym! I'm sure the moms of younger kids were thankful when those babes took their afternoon naps without a fuss!
They pulled party hats out of a giant bin, and grabbed favors off the table and made a big ole party noise-athon!

Sharing the balloons...
Lil' Linc. His party's around the corner! Getting excited about doing up a boy theme this year!

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