Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Little Catching Up

Above~~Baby Ga Ga, as my mom named this get-up! Ha!
Biggest news of late is that we went to Houston last weekend for my nephew, Ben's, baptism! He did so well! He was one of three infants up there, and he was the only one who did not cry! Bless his sweet heart! He's so handsome, and I adore this little future-buddy for Linc! Sean looked like a proud papa, and Stephanie and her girls looked absolutely lovely. I'm thankful we were able to make this special event. Glad we're back in Texas, especially when things like this take place! At the party at their house, I changed into my comfy clothes, and Walker and I disco-posed! He is my goofy brother with whom I can behave like a total nut.

My mom took this pic of our family in front of my folks' tree, and it's a moment in time I love---all of us together at my folks' house, with Wendy a proud and hearty 4 years old, and Linc, nearly one. It's a precious time we're really enjoying. Wendy is fond of Linc now! She plays with him, laughs with him and thinks he's so much fun now! He is! They are GREAT together! Praise the Lord!

A really funny shot! The cover of a horror book?

Her fort under the table. DVD player--check! Snacks and refreshments--check! Pooh Bear and Company--check!

Oh, and of course, a cute set-up of Wendy's that I simply HAD to capture. So cute!

Dora Bingo with Pops.

In other news, we were hit with the nasty stomache bug recently. Linc first. Then me. Woah Buddy, I had it BAD! I suffered mightily that first night! Ugh! Then, James' dad (they'd been visiting) caught it, fainted and hit his head on the tub of their bathroom (but was okay, thank the Lord!), then James got it, then my mom, then my dad. I prayed and prayed that nobody else would get it, and thankfully, Wendy was spared!
Let's see...what else. Umm....not too much to report over here. Wendy has a birthday party to go to tomorrow morning, and she's super excited, I've completed my Christmas shopping, uh, that's it! Ta ta for now!

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