Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Most Embarrassing Mommy Moment!

Somebody please help! I am dying here! Last night I experienced my MOST awkward mommy moment, one that was 100 % my own doing, oh horror of horrors. I'm soooo embarrassed. However, it helps me to just laugh at myself. That's how I stare these things down and get over 'em. So, one and all, feel free to laugh at me, er, with me, right? Awkwardly smiling...sort of. Okay, here goes. Gulp!
James was at a gathering of men from the church. The kids and I were bored. I know my Wendy. I know her humor. So, as I put laundry away, I glanced up at Linc, crawling towards me, and I had a goofy goofy, silly silly idea!
I walked back into our living room, with Linc on my hip, and asked Wendy (as I often do ask her where she's placed certain items), "Wendy, WHERE are your purple panties and WHERE are your pink socks?!" Wendy said, "I don't know, Mommy. I don't remember." Then she looked up at us and laughed like crazy.
I'd put her panties on Linc's head, and her socks on his hands. Linc laughed hysterically. I did, too. "Panty boy, PANTY boy!" We had a good laugh, I tried to remove the panties, but Linc fussed. He liked his new hat! I set him down then, and resumed making their dinners.
Then....a man at the door. Without thinking, I looked out the peephole---ah, yes. The man is here to install the new water heater. I let him in. Wendy waved hi from her spot on the couch, with her tray of dinner in her lap, and the man glances down to see his purple and pink splendor!
I swallowed hard, and then tried to explain his appearance to this older gentleman, this good ole' boy, who stood there, mouth slack, staring at my son, who was working at his hammer station with his blue eyes peering out of two ruffly purple leg-holes. Oh. My. Goodness. I told the man that we were having a silly time, and that I was trying to lift my daughter's spirits with some silly kid humor, and the more I said, the worse it got. I knew this man was thinking, "This just aint right." AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Well, it turned out alright, because he's actually a very nice man and was very warm towards the kids, and I guess he decided I'm not insane afterall. Have mercy! And now...the pics ~

Moms, if you feel so inclined, blog your most embarrassing mommy moment, and let me know you did it by telling me to check it out on my comments section here! You know I won't judge!


Blessed2bemommy said...

haha! Luke LOVES to wear his underwear on his head and put it on Ellie's head too! Love the pics!

Penny said...

Well....when Walker was about 10 we were shopping in a grocery store. I was going to buy candy out of those bins, maybe for Halloween. So it's a variety of different types and so much per lb. I was making selections and then changing my mind...take more caramels, put back those lemon drops, no...caramels are too sticky...put back caramels and get more cinnamon drops, when suddenly Walker says to me in a loud voice for all to hear, "Mom! It looks like you're trying to STEAL!"