Saturday, February 19, 2011

Four Tiny Steps for Man, Four Giant Leaps for My Heart!

I know I just "up-dated" earlier today, but LINCOLN TOOK FOUR STEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His legs WORK! We were out on the patio at Lake Bryan this evening, and James let go, and I urged him to come to me, and smiling, he took these four slow, Frankenstein-like steps. Then he quit. Argh. I hope he tries again soon!
Tonight was fun. The two-man guitar/singers up on stage were given beers by the waitress, and they appreciated her, so Wendy dashed up there before I could stop her with two packets of mustard for each of them! They said, "Guess we're really earning our mustard tonight!" Then, we had moved the kids to a table in the back because James was concerned the speakers were too loud, and Linc fussed to get down. He and Wendy crawled to the front and sat centered in front of the stage, both on their knees, side by side, smiling big and CLAPPING! Two funny extroverts I'm afraid!
I SO wish I'd taken along my camera! Earlier in the evening, Wendy gave us a performance on a different stage out under the stars, by the water, and the blue sky and white clouds seen through the fake door cut-out behind her silhouette made the perfect surrealistic image! Next time.

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Texana said...

Yea, Linc!!! GO GO GO!!!