Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Life According to My Cell Phone Part 2

It's that time again! Time to blog some of the pics I've saved up in my ol' cell phone. Starting with most recent, this series of Wendy ---Cold Stone just the other day. She was in a GREAT mood, and she actually smiled NATURALLY for me! WHOOP!
Oh, didn't last long...GOOFY!
"Mom, I want to wear your glasses, o-KAY?!" "Okay."
"Yes, they look good on you."

She was so happy, cuz she'd gotten a package of peanut butter cookies at her school where I had tried, but failed, to give blood (my pressure was 88 over 58!), and the gal crushed the cookies and added them to her kid-sized sweet cream icecream---and threw in some marshmellows!
Her face is MATURING! AH! I'm not READY! God, please leave a little bit of those baby cheeks for me to squeeze!
This is her signature pose.
One night recently, James and I drove around, and the kids did something they rarely do! They both crashed!
At a restaurant....We took his shirt off because of some sort of accident, I am sure, and we were glad that the "No Shirt, No Service" policy didn't apply to chubby baby boy physiques!
Watching folks....He takes it in.
"The Birds."
In Houston, I spent some time with Wendy at the Asian Market, and she found this statue and loved on him, not knowing it was of Jesus! It was so sweet, and her heart was so pure, so I snapped this and then told her it's a person's vision of how Jesus might have looked.
My dear friend, Julie's, precious and perfect baby girl, Izzie.
Wendy and this boy, Chuey (sp?), really clicked at the mall in Houston. They played together so well in the play area, and then sat side-by-side during a Christmas ballet performance!
Then, "snow" fell from the ceiling! It was cold foam, and Wendy opened her mouth for some and later said, "Mom, was that REAL snow because it didn't taste like the snow in Washington! It tasted 'spicy!'"
Everybody sing, "Is this love? That I'm feeling...Is this the love....That I've been WAITING for?!"
Back here at home, we took the kids to Santa's Wonderland. Wendy and Linc had a blast.
"Camp Cookie" invited Wendy to sing up on stage with him, and Daddy and Linc had the best seats in the house!
Merry Christmas Texas Style, Y'all!
Not long after Wendy started school, she ran into a classmate at the mall! Cameran! We later went to her birthday party!
That same day....Several months ago....Sigh, her face was baby-ish-er then. She's growing up!
* That's the end of the cell pics, so now here come the recent pics from my regular camera! * We had a play date at the park where these three girls will start soccer in a few days! They are classmates, too.
A few nights ago, we went out, and I was so amused at how Linc does seem to have Wendy's silly genne. He thinks doing things like this is funny!
I guess, how could he not become a goof with a person like Sister always "being herself" in his field of vision?
And that energy was even after we let her run it out a bit before we entered the restaurant! She's becoming a faster runner, and James is happy about this.
Wendy is running back and forth, back and forth, and Linc is impressed! I just wish he'd graduate from knee-walking!
Oh, we do try....
Earlier that day, Wendy took off all of her pretty daytime clothes, and put on these jammies and rushed outside to help Daddy clean his truck! She was determined to do it!
Alright, you remember what I said about having two "interesting" kids.....This is how they choose to pass the time in the van. They blat out crazy noises through this never-used vac. hose. Why? Oh, don't ask me. Linc doesn't say too many words, he does say a few, but he can mimic just about any bizarre sound the human mouth can make. His inflections are where yours are, too. He can growl, bark, chirp, grunt, squeal. If he'd been born into a pack of wild wolves, his language development would be ADVANCED! Too bad he has to learn to "talk human."
Wendy begged to go to this carnival outside the mall, and I took them, and woah, kind of a creepy experience, but she loved this whale ride. It was worth going...once. Will not go back there.
Behold! Her FIRST ROLLER COASTER!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, how I wish the pics I took, like the one below, had a clearer image of her freaked-out face! She didn't cry, but man, if you could've seen her shocked face as it came 'round and 'round!
So, she kind of liked it, but doesn't EVER want to go on it again!I've felt that way about some things in my life, too. Haven't you?
And my last bit of newsy news is a little story I like to call "Yesterday." Yesterday was a STRANGE day for me! I had unusual company! A lady came to evaluate my health for life insurance. I received an ECG on my bed with Wendy's curious eyes surveying the whole process! The lady thought Wendy was beautiful, and enjoyed her company, and Wendy liked her back, however, on the way out of my room, Wendy, following us said very nicely, "You have a big body!" This woman was not a-typical, and to a 4-year-old, EVERY person has a big body, but I was MORTIFIED! I ignored it and got Wendy some playdough for her room, which I NEVER allow on her carpet, but I was desperate to shut down that thought! The examiner was very nice and we did this thing, and all was well, but oh gosh, we can't avoid all of the things that out of the mouths of babes come a'spillin'! AH!
THEN, I took the kids to HEB. Wendy wanted the samples, so I gave each a potatoe chip. Linc puked. To the restroom. I couldn't squeeze the GINORMOUS car cart through the door, so with my foot holding it open a crack, I stretched to dampen and soap-up a paper towel, and by the time the boy was smelling a little less sour, I was exhausted! In the parking lot, I pushed this monstrocity to the van, and a car, pulling into a spot, backed up to get straighter, and came within an INCH of crunching my kids in the car cart! I could not have swerved this thing out of the way! I SCREAMED! The car witnessing it all, a woman with her kid-son, honked, put her car in park, rushed to see if I was okay, and charged this other driver to find out what on Earth happened! She returned to tell me this woman had not looked in her rear-view mirrors. Oh, praise be to our merciful Father in Heavan for protecting my most precious possessions on this planet!


Julie said...

That perfect Rembrant lighting in the picture where Wendy is pointing at the camera really sets off how beautiful she is! Good job Photogramama...on the beautiful girl AND on the picture! Where was that pic of Izzie taken? I don't recognize the setting.

Duelm Family said...

LAurel!! I ant believe that lady didnt look in her rearview! Thank God your kids are okay! I love all the pics- esp. the one where they are playing with the vaccuum hose!!!

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