Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spa, Egg Hunt, Vet School, Oh My!

I begin with this sweet pic of Wendy from yesterday. I'd picked up some MOVIES along with books from our library, and she was in a chill-axed mood, wanting to feel cozy with her Pooh Bear and JC Penney, the other bear. This morning, I took the kids to the church, dropped them off in the kid room, and...
Our Bible study went to the spa!!!!!!!! Below, friends getting pampered...
My turn! Our teacher treated us all---awesome, right?!
Earlier this morning, Wendy in front of her calendar. Here's what we do--Each month, I make a new calendar for her. For every night that she stays in bed after the bedtime routine, and stays put and quiet until morning (doesn't wake us for something like a stuffed animal missing under a blanket or something), she puts a sticker for that night. When the calendar is full, she gets a $5 toy. In the mornings, I draw a new pic for her to color, and slide it silently under her door. Then, if she's been awake a while, she knows she can bolt out with all of her spirited self! This is what works. If we slack, she wakes in the night, hollers out, comes into our room super early, thinking it's a new day already, etc!
I've been experimenting with her hair...

Last Sunday, she wore the Easter dress MY grandmother made for me to wear! It's got to be 28 years old or so.
I had this idea a while ago to have an egg hunt for Wendy and some of her friends from school! The fellow moms were on board, and it turned out so well, with grilled dinner and lots of stuffed eggs--all a shared effort! We were the first ones there and I just started snapping a few pics right off the bat. I saw this one as it appeared on my computer and thought, "Some things never change..."
Wendy and Friends.

My little girl~
The day before, James and I took the children to the Vet School Open House! I'm SO glad James read about it first online because of "this here event"---Glad she took along Pooh Bear for the experience!

Resident Wendy is ready for her first surgery!
"What do you think we should do, Wendy?"
They decided to splint and bandage his broken knee (my idea). Afterwards, he asked her if they should cut him open in his belly or chest and insert one of the buttons or colorful puff balls (selection contained in a vomit bowl), and he held a scalpel over Pooh Bear, who lay there helplessly, hooked thread beside him. Wendy said, "No!"

Linc crashed on the way home. Tired boy.
But don't think Sister had all the fun! Linc loves dogs.
A special canine presentation--soo way cool how these dogs can sniff out anything buried anywhere!

Before we reached the campus, we made one quick stop at a garage sale. I had one dollar with which I bought a broken gun for Linc, I know, bad mom, and a chef's hat for the Woo Loo!

Look what my girl did with her lunch the other day!


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